Coronavirus Update 19/3/2020

Many people have serious concerns over the outbreak of the Coronavirus. We wanted to get in touch to put your mind at rest regarding your Dining Solutions Direct deliveries.

The virus is not food borne. It can only be transmitted through close contact with someone who is infected. We have no instances of the virus amongst our staff or in the immediate area.

What we’re doing

As a food company, we take hygiene extremely seriously as a matter of course. We pass our audits with flying colours, and have been held up as an example of best practice in this area.

However, as you can’t be too careful, we have installed extra hand sanitising points throughout our premises, and are undertaking an even more thorough than usual approach to the cleaning of our premises and equipment.

We are also liaising closely with our distributors, who are taking all necessary precautions to ensure safety.

We’re communicating with our staff on a daily basis and monitoring the situation extremely closely, ready to respond if required.

How we can help you

The benefits of ordering from Dining Solutions Direct are even more relevant at the moment.

It’s safely and hygienically frozen. This means you can stock up your freezer and have plenty of top quality food right where you need it, and when you need it, without worrying about waste.

It’s delivered to your door. You don’t need to mingle with crowds in the supermarket (where it’s possible you might encounter empty shelves anyway). We can even leave it in a safe place if you don’t want to interact with the driver.

There’s plenty of it. We’re not about to run out of stock of your favourites, and there’s lots to choose from too.

We can deliver on a day that suits you, often within 24 hours.

It’s fantastic quality. Good meat has many proven health benefits, including maintaining the normal functioning of your immune system*.

There’s plenty of variety. As well as great meat, we have desserts, party food and delicious seafood. – your one stop shop – all made with premium, nutritious ingredients. The majority of products are designed to cook from frozen, so it’s easy to prepare.

Rest assured, you’re always in safe hands with Dining Solutions Direct

*Source: Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board, 2020

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